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“When hearts truly open, soul and universe truly align.” ~ Soul Mysteries

The Sacred Journey – Sun Rise to Son Set

“Such is the great sacred journey, that all souls are forever transformed.” ~ Soul Mysteries

Will of God:- There are several verses in the Quran and Bible et al., that emphasize the importance of remembering the “Will of God” through phrases such as “God willing” “Thy will be done,” and “If it is your will.’ This is the basis for dhikr, for; the sacred journey is acknowledging that we’re all soul under the Will of God and as such that every soul is eternal for; “Death is not the beginning of the end, that’s the return to yourself, the return to innocence” ~ Enigma. So know that all emotional suffering falls away when the “Will of God” is embraced. Albeit as mortals on the sacred journey of soul the physical body may suffer greatly the greater your work. So be still, be compassionate and be love always. For resistence is futile to the divine workings of our omnipresent God. You see the; “I”, “me”, “my” and “mine” of the ego which is layered throughout this blog and for good reason is so because the “I”, “me”, “my” and “mine” speak like for like with ego, until that is the great works unfold. Thereafter; all fall away to be replaced by “something” which is truly “no-thing”. Because letting go of the transient, the temporal during the sacred journey of soul is an essential purification, for; eternity is the great prize. Now let’s be very clear here. The Will of God is not the will of some deity sitting on a thrown. Source is God and source is all happenings. Therein the Will of God is source indeed the home of both shadow and light of bad and good. In essence the home and birthing place of ultimate balance and balance requires change to balance out. So all is right and nothing is wrong and all is love, all is love despite our temporal mortal fragilities. Because; “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” ~ KJV Romans 8:28. For all things and everything originate from source so the wailing of why does God allow bad things to happen? is simply duality in full flow, not love. Therein consider this; God is not some hate filled vindictive insensitive monster who hurts good people and empowers monsters, God is source, source is love. When one accepts that and truly embraces that. Again I say mortal suffering falls away for that which is source is source, the Will of God and God truly is love. “To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven, a time to keep silence and a time to speak.” ~ Ecclesiastes: 3, vers 1 & 7. Now my wish is that you “dear reader and great soul” are blessed with the Will of God to undertake your sacred journey with great gusto amidst even greater humility. For such a journey begets that state of knowing that innately knows that death is a blessing, for love is your soul. So let’s be very clear here before you move on. Declining, refusing or creating all manner of nonsense as defence for not helping a fellow soul. Is not the will of God. Its the karma you’re choosing to create through your patterns and inculcations. For the Will of God is balance, is compassion, is love. So let love be your compass, let service be your joy and surrender your will to the Will of God and “be” in all aspects of your sacred journey, great soul. Why? Because it is light that moves to darkness, darkness does not move towards light, that is the journey deep into the temple of wisdom and peace. For; “There is a ‘peace be still’ within our own consciousness which will still every storm in our experience, heal our diseases, lift us above the strife and weariness of human existence.” – Joel Goldsmith. The quest then is not doing, the quest is being, for “being” is love, balance, harmony and peace. So let every thought, every deed and every action come from love, love of God, love of all, love of that which was previously unlovable. See the glory in all things, feel the glory in all things, know the glory in all things, for all things pass, all things pass suffering and all, but love is eternal. That is the truth and the way, for the Will is of God. So dear soul as you embark upon your own sacred journey seek you not joy, love and peace, but be joy, love and peace, yes be joy, love and peace for that is true freedom. For that is a mind, body and soul in divine alignment. Above all things be gentle with yourself. This is a journey over many, many incarnations so all our soul journeys are works in progress, such is the way. For each soul is the unique and perfect incarnation of the risen lord, the sun of life, indeed the son of man, workings its way back to love of loving God. A journey that begins in the dissonance of separation, which awakens through divine providence the innate inclination of soul, thereafter manifesting through the great inner works the peace that surpasses all understanding. Indeed that state of being whereupon the Holy Spirit is manifest within all that you are and they are drawn towards you for the light of the lord is upon you and you exude calmness, peace and a sense of timeless knowings. That is the awaiting glory, the treasures you laid up where moth and rust doth not corrupt, nor thieves break through and steal, for your glory is love. For Love is in Daily Prayers:- “Kingdom of God, Come. Will of God, Be Done. Here Today on Earth as it is in Heaven, Thy Will, not my will, Amen.”


So the sacred journey begins:- the journey of a little mortal wrestling with all his frailties, his quest? “To be; love, be whole, be free”Sacred:- connected with God or a god or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration, Soul:- the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal, Mysteries:- something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain, for; ineffable love is the sacred journey. Indeed a journey that began for all souls from omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent love which descended into separation, suffering and pain. Before the great inners works carry each soul back home through the darkness of light, gratitude and grace, for love is the only omnipresent vibration. That being said take what you will from this abject attempt to articulate in this blog that which has stirred and roared through my soul. It is not sacrosanct, it is nowt but a crude and feeble attempt of a soul based mortal to articulate that which is and that which is not. Such are all our fragilities, that they can only be conveyed through our ego “I”, “me” and “my” and all within the limitations of our spoken and written word. Still wherever you are right now dear soul, know that; that is where you were destined to be. No-thing is a chance happening, all is your destiny. For not a leaf falls, a feather shed, a flower blooms, a soul incarnates or disembodies without the universal law of love dancing with all in destiny. So know that every step and every stage of your sacred journey was and is predestined, for everything that must happen has already happened, that is kismet. For there is no such thing as free will, all is the will of God. When you truly accept that the struggle falls away, that is the sacred journey sun rise to son set. For there are no mistakes on the sacred journey all is as it should and must be, for a tiny three dimensional object can never know the workings of God. Therein cut yourself some slack and know that all is right nothing is wrong no matter how joyous or ghastly your sacred journey of soul might be. For when you do that you will truly come to know the great knowings of ineffable magnitude and you will fall in love again with your soul divinity. Now and if upon reading this section you feel dis-ease with there is no free will et al., please take the time to explore the illuminate teachings of Advaita sage Ramesh Balsekar. In short when you accept that you are not the doer, no one is the doer, all is the will of God, then all hate falls away, understanding arises, love you are. How does the author know that? Well in the latter aspects of this mortal journey as my suffering eclipsed normal understandings, all day and everyday as I went about my work. They would ask; “how are you?” once they’d received the energy and I would always reply; “I suffer greatly, for the ultimate prize of eternal peace, so all is good.” Not for deflection, not for sympathy, nor did my response soften the depths of my mortal sufferings. No my response was simply this after decades of suffering, to detach others from their inculcations by touching their very soul with love of unimaginable purity. For that is the gentlest way to light the fuel of love in every human heart, for hate cannot exist, nor suffering last forever where God is, for God is love. Therein the sacred call of soul is to stop drawing maps of the clouds in the sky, to do the inner work and to come to know the joy and love in simplicity, for that is the return to self, the return to innocence, indeed the return to stardust that your soul is and will always be. That is the sacred journey of soul.

The Great Cycles:- are beyond arbitration dear soul, for the great cycles adhere solely to the great laws. Therein; there is a time to live, a time to die, a time for rebirth, a time for sleep and a time to awaken. No mortal is above those laws and no mortal can control the great cycles, for all is as it is, for all is God. Be then always mindful dear soul, that “none” and “no-thing” is as it may first appear. Wealth and health are fleeting and time is a great irrelevance when attributed to the great journey of soul. From the great tree to the tiny ant only the great cycles are constant. For the great cycles are love manifesting; loving consciousness. You were before you were the “I” and you will “be” when the “I” is no more, so choose love and be love. For you are love and love is all that you will take with you once this current cycle is over and over it will “be” all to soon. That is the great cycle. Loving intention manifesting as intentional love, ladened with the monsterious illusion of separation. The goal of every soul? To break free from the great cycle. So to be whole, so to be love, so to be anything and everything. For every soul of wholeness, love, anything and everything is forever; “no-thing”. That point on the journey of soul where the soul asks not for other souls to pray on its behalf. Indeed that point when the soul prays only for absolute annihilation prostrating itself in prayer for all souls that they may be treated and recieved with mercy. At which point the mortal stops mourning the loss of the departing and departed. For the soul bursts with love that their brother or sister is returning or has returned home. That is pure love, indeed the love that knows no bounds, for that knowing knows that glory is awaiting and that all souls will always be loved and saved by the loving light of God.

Suffering Souls:- is the way of soul growth, that is the journey. Still many ask from the mortal perspective including this author at the outset of his journey of soul. Why am I suffering? why me? why am I being abused? what have I done that is so wrong to deserve this? why am I loosing everything? why do I only ever have bad luck? why do I have to have all these illnesses and despairs? why when I do good things am I attacked? why do bad things only happen to good people? why do bad people get everything? why God are you doing this to me? why God won’t you take this away, help me or end my suffering? Sound familiar? Well it should because those are the normal ramblings of fragile mortal. An inculcated thought process that states nothing bad should happen to me because I am a good person, but its most acceptable for bad things to happen to bad people. Well and that being said, let’s be very clear here. There are no good people down here on the journey of soul for all is “sin” being purified or enhanced for “God Reasons” which may not seem like “good reasons” to the one or many amidst great mortal and soul suffering. Yes there as some who are more evolved than others down here doing the great works helping and serving their brothers and sisters and some who choose to stagnate and self serve and not do the work and even some who choose to self-indulge in hate for the sake of hate. Still and at the end of each soul journey, all that suffering is is; “sin” that has undergone magnification and further putrification or the transmutation of “sin” through soul alchemy and the great grace that is love. But please don’t draw upon religious control dogma as your means for understanding the context of this referring to as; “sin”. For “sin” is simply the vibration of “Not God” and as the journey of soul is to return back to God. Then it stands to absolute truth that everything that is “Not God” is “sin”. Therein and when we as mortals set aside our mortal concerns and finite mortal preoccupations our soul sufferings divinely align with the ultimate truth of the great journey of soul. Yes we mortals may suffer much in many mortal life times, but all mortal sufferings offer freedom when we do the work. The key is not to become defined, bowed or broken by those sufferings but to transmute them “whole” back into love via the heart that is and knows all. For the great journey of soul is to speak less, to listen more, to serve with compassion in humility seeking not recognition or gratification. All to be love.

Now above all things:- know that there is no final destination on the sacred journey of soul. Heaven is not a place to get to or move into. You are heaven right now in this now. Equally there is no state of illumination to be achieved, you are pure illumination and will always be so. Your loving work is to dissolve all constructed illusions. For there is no tomorrow, no yesterday dear soul. You are eternal and “no-thing” and “everything”. Therein; walk away from any and all mortal constructs that bind you to destination consciousness dear soul by inviting everything to dance the dance of light deep within. For the dance of light is the only vibration that understands that the suffering is where the wisdom is, where the knowing is and where love truly is too. That is the sacred journey of soul where the mental body is stilled and the eternal emotional body inteligence is energised with the love of God. For; when you change your inner world your outer world changes too, that’s because the great body of works are conducted on the inner plane of soul. Therein; don’t ever resist the discomfort that you will feel on your journey. Allow it, all of it and come to know again the divinity within that cannot die. You are eternal dear soul and there’s no getting away from that. So let go of mammon and you will surely draw the loving grace of God, towards you. Then and only then can you begin to process the unresolved; hate, anger, shame, guilt and abuse that is crying out to be love. Yes anxiety will rise, yes depression will rise and all manner of monsters of emotional, mental and physical origin. But hang in there, do the work and know that; “this too shall pass” and pray dear soul with all of your being for balance, love and grace. For you’re worth much more than you currently know. So manifest it. By coming to know and embracing the fact that none of the crap that was imprinted upon you from the soul group you incarnated into was a punishment. At worst it was the dissonance that needed to be resolved on the soul plane and at best it was the diamonds that helped you see the light. So turn your gaze away from all that is illusion and commit to loving action. For your actions not the actions of others are the only energy patterns that you possess. So put your actions into loving all, for in loving and serving and coming to know the sacred journey. Your soul will find the; peace and balance of God. For long after you are no more little mortal the waters they will still flow, the winds they will still blow, the fires they will burn and the earth she will yearn for balance, for all balance is in love. That dear soul is the timeless call, the mystical, ineffable and omnipotent call of loves eternal balance. For the language of love, indeed the source of love is love. For love cannot be found in books et al. Therein; your journey dear soul is to set your love free through service and daily prayer. For there is only one way to ascend mount carmel and that is to surrender to the divine will of god, through alignment with; “breathe on me, breath of God: fill me with life anew, that I may love as you have loved and do as you would do. Breathe on me, breath of God, until my heart is pure, until my will is one with your to do and to endure. Breathe on me, breath of God; fulfil my heart’s desire, until this earthly part of me glows with your heavenly fire. Breathe on me, breath of God; so shall I never die, but live with you the perfect life of your eternity.” ~ Edwin Hatch. For when those deep inner desires are all that you are, then and only then will you know dear soul, that all sacred journeys are divine mystical unions.

Choose Life:- is always the loving call that radiates from ones soul. Yes choose wisely little one how you will live out the short years of your current mortality. For much, so much rests upon all your actions, inclinations and innate intentions. Choose wisely no matter the joys or the sufferings of your current mortality little one. Yes choose wisely little one. Be still and choose wisely little one and die to yourself before you cast off your clay.  For love is your true vibration little one for you are eternal, no-thing and everything. Therein; hold onto no one, nothing or anything little one. Embrace the divine and commit to all that your are and all that you’ve ever been by mining the great glory that roars deep within. Pray daily for salivation and liberation little one, setting aside all desires and self limiting; gratification’s. And you will come to know little one the glory of your soul and love will be your comfort, your courage and your source of inspiration. For the journey of soul is the long walk home little one. A purification journey that the wise, choose wisely. Therein; choose life, eternal life over that which surely must die. Hold on not to the falsity of status or to those in the midst of temporal transitioning. Let go of all to “be-come whole” and you will be rewarded with a richness beyond understanding little one. For your heart will beat to the; vibration of love.

For only when the:- fires of love burn deeply within ones entire being does one truly know the grace of god that is resplendent peace. Indeed a state where the boundaries of illusion no longer contain for ones soul has been set free through the suffering that is complete annihilation. An easy journey? No, far from it, but a scared journey that all souls must make one day great soul. For that is the way of the light, that leads all souls back to innate love. That said; if you’d like to contact soul mysteries, anam cara, please use the contact form below, worry not if theres no reply, for soul work will always unfold. For the waters they will continue to flow, the winds they will continue to blow, the fires they will burn and logos earth will always yearn for; wholeness. That is the sacred journey of soul that transcends and ascends all things and everything, for the pursuit of “no-thingness” is pure soul love. For the sacred journey offers not celebrity, status or financial wealth dear soul. It is the pursuit of the great love that is abundance of ineffable magnitude and why? Because mortals are infantile, fragile and ultimately finite. Whereas each soul knows God innately and mortalities sure memento mori. For; “Truth sees God, and wisdom contemplates God, and from these two comes a third, a holy and wonderful delight in God, who is love, for; Our Savior is our true Mother in whom we are endlessly born and out of whom we shall never come.” ~ Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love. That is precisely why an evolving soul chooses to serve, for to take, to exploit and to crave adulation and recognition is not the sacred journey. For the latter is simply the delusional trappings of the finite with no eye for the infinite of eternity. Therein; choose wisely dear soul, choose your teachers, your companions and all your evolving approaches wisely and you will be at ease and free from dis-ease, for you will be; love and everything and anything. Thereafter; mourn not your loses, the departing or departed. Be still, be love and allow the noetic inflow of your innate divinity to ease your soul woes.

If one word, one sentence, one story or one link on this blog, changes your soul journey for the better. Then; this journey of soul has been Benedictus