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“Love all our karmic teachers for love is the sacred journey.” ~ Soul Mysteries


The Sacred Journey – Sun Rise to Son Set

“Mortals are like flowers, glorious for one brief moment, so love them.” ~ Soul Mysteries

To incarnate:- is a blessing and something to cherish dearly. Albeit some incarnations are hellish and filled with suffering which is always the result of kismet nothing more. That said and whilst here there is another blessing that is presenting more and more frequently and thats the near death experience “NDE”. However the purpose of the NDE is not to join a band of brothers or sisters and therein become transfixed by the experience. It is to remember and to integrate that remembering into every aspect of ones being and that dear soul is a harsh albeit sacred journey. For there are many reasons why a soul would choose to incarnate as a mortal. But perhaps the greatest of all reasons is the glory of remembering whilst incarnate. Yes; remembering who they are and where they are from. For; the amnesia of separation is simply fuel for the white noise of distraction and sadly that white noise of distraction does not serve the soul, for no soul incarnates simply to stagnate. And that dear soul is the great challenge. To rise, to rise and to return back to infinite soul glory. How would the author know that? Well multiple so called near death experiences which I prefer to call; “soul retunings”. Thats how and because of those soul retunings “I realised at the point that I truly understood, that there are no near death experiences (NDE) only mystical experiences that remind the lucky ones of who they truly are.” But here’s the thing. Many struggle to deal with such experiences, I certainly did and have. Why? Because up until recently it was simply not accepted or acceptable to talk about such things. Still soul retunings aka NDE’s are the hallmark of the Mystics journey for whilst always a derivative of the souls call to heal. They almost always arise in the mortal plane through illness, injury and multilayered trauma. My own mystical journey in this incarnation began by incarnating into a karmically traumatised family. Living in an entity filled home and being under attack day and night from utterly vile earthbound spirits. Compounded by derelict parents consumed by their own agendas. Both of whom allowed a great karmic teacher to initially sexually. Then; physically and emotionally terrorise, traumatise and dehumanise me throughout my entire childhood. Whilst an equally proficient karmic teacher watched all this abuse of me unfolding and said nothing to anyone. Now and if that wasn’t bad enough. Mid way through the early stages of an abuse related chronic illness those two karmic teachers conspired in incredulous mutuality of intent to drag a karmically traumatised soul into that birth family to propagate further and greater discord and it worked destroying harmony for decades to come. Why? Only God knows. Nevertheless and on the mortal plane and as all victims of childhood or any form of abuse know. Ones sensitivities are further sensitised and heightened by the trauma of that abuse which burns deep energetic blocks and self harm patterns into ones psyche. After which the acceptance of the unacceptable becomes implicitly unacceptable to any survivor of childhood and adult abuse as they move forward on their mortal journey. For they acquire through inner growth greater vision and inclinations whilst walking back into inner peace. Now that said and on this particular journey of soul. For refusing to accept yet another unacceptability my karmic teachers systematically destroyed my safety, my career, my security and my general wellbeing whilst both thoroughly enjoying every aspect of my mortal journey of sufferings.

And it’s okay:- “I” forgive all of them for they were incredible teachers. For the sacred journey is all about moving back into love which is a dreadful death for the false self. But a death that is much needed for love is the fuel of all souls. Therein all my karmic teachers on my journey were a great blessing and I love them all dearly. Why were my karmic teachers a blessing? Well no soul on this logos healing their woes is without sin and no mortal carrying that soul is without guilt, fear, shame, anger and hate. All of which are simply distorted love manifesting in loving distortions. Therein; the great and sacred journey is to restore that distorted love back into agape and freedom. For if one can’t love their teachers, their liberators and healers, they cannot love anyone or anything. Difficult yes, impossible no, but that is the sacred journey of soul. Letting go, seeking God within and loving and forgiving others and seeking forgiveness. For he said unto them:- “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” ~ John 8:7 KJV.

Still the net result:- of my mortal journey back into love through sun rise to son set was many illnesses, much inner and outer trauma as I struggled to cope with all the abuse that had been imposed upon me. Indeed a pattern that would propel me into the mystical world of inner exploration. That said; my first soul retuning was at the age of seven whilst desperately ill with measles and other complications where on several occasions it was touch and go whether I would make it or not. A time during which I left my body many times and was immediately in a place of unimaginable beauty. No tunnel of white light, nothing of the sort simply joy and splendour all around me, playing with my oldest sibling who passed over long before my birth. But you see; that didn’t disturb me at the time for the first conscious thought I ever had was “what if this is all a dream and I wake up”. As such I kept feeling that all I was doing was wakening up whilst oblivious of my illness and of course I was, I had awakened. Imagine my horror when being completely lambasted for articulating where I had been. Thereafter I learned quickly once the horror subsided, that I wasn’t safe, that it wasn’t safe to be me and it certainly wasn’t safe to be in that home. So the journey of the seeker, the mystic and the survivor of mortal abuse begins for so many souls on their journey of soul. Harsh, lonely, terrifying, mystifying, hearbreaking, illuminating, head frying, o yes that is the true journey of soul. Where all the crap that was imprinted upon us, all the abuse that was directed towards us and all the hate that fractured our sense of self. Must be healed and must be transformed back into light. That is the journey of remembering, the great journey of soul. A journey that would take this seeker through decades of illness, disease, trauma, immense emotional, physical and spiritual suffering and loss. A journey through and between worlds and a further two soul retunings aka near death experiences. The second utterly terrifying, where I visited the hellish place of lost souls and lost hope. The third completely innefable, so head frying, so liberating and yet so traumatising. For; it left an indelible imprint upon me that I am not of this lowly world and that I so want to be through my work. For then and only then can I go home. For it is no easy task being under constant attack from the shadow and feeling the depth of suffering that is everywhere whilst holding on for dear life to the God of love. Indeed fun and joy it is most certainly not. Divine it most certainly is, albeit divinity within mortality is hard work. So be you not fooled by the tricksters out there. Know that the grace of the God of love holds tight onto those who are chosen and that means a harsh and challenging journey of soul. Indeed a journey that changes all things and everything for ever, for the death of everything and a return to no-thing is the prize of wholeness. That’s why popping back home during a journey of soul for a soul retuning aka near death experience, offers great benefits and it is those benefits that are (a) helping some souls stay the course and (b) creating the unprecedented mass awakenings that this weary old logos called earth is witnessing. Therein if you’ve undergone the journey back for a soul retuning, speak out about it, embrace the learning and knowing you’ve gained from it. But do not allow yourself to be consumed by it. For it is no medal of honour that must be worn and projected outwardly to define and align you with some sort of band of brothers and sisters. Treat your soul retuning experience with absolute reverence and do the inner work, serve and heal exponentially. For the sacred journey of soul is just that; a sacred and divine journey. Why? Because the journey of soul has little if anything to do with mammon, for it is the epitome of agape. Therein and to those who chose to hate you during your current incarnation, to those who delighted in abusing you and who sort to destroy the very essence of your peace and security. Thank them, thank them, thank them and pray that the light of lights re-enters their very being, very soon. Whilst reciting; “I’m sorry for what I must have done to you in the past and I hold nothing against you in the present. After this there is only love and respect between us. For you are loved and will always be so, such is the law of one. Such is the ineffable grace of God.” For that is the way, the only way that any soul can climb the spiral of freedom. By serving, loving and forgiving and by serving, loving and forgiving some more. For when you take your last breath as a mortal know that love and love alone will carry you back home to the light. So choose wisely how you choose to live out your current mortality. Let go of hate, let go of fear and embrace love. Look with kindness upon all sentient beings and upon all things and all senses and sensibilities. Set yourself not above any other. Humble yourself. Serve, heal and then serve and heal some more. For we are all truly divine, therein; hope that when you take your last breath that you are absolute love, indeed a beacon of light. And if that love that is your soul inclination is clouded by the suffering of mortality. Well; pray that you’ve done enough during this incarnation that the divine will see fit to carry your soul home. For we are all but a brief moment in time as mortals. Clay and dust yet soul that is eager and always willing to evolve and to return back to the stardust of exponential potential. Indeed where the light of a trillion stars will fill our entire being and we will become again beacons of love, inspiring other souls to love with pure inclination. Because the truth is the only communion worth communicating with is the divine communion with God. But to do that we must raise our brow towards the Godhead and to realise that we have a divine home and that we are not alone in the universe. For when we bridge that gap of separation and move into unity. We all of us come to know that the only thing that is real is the divine spark of God deep within our being and that everything else is simply illusion. Indeed illusions that are at the mercy of the finality of change which is death. Whereas the divine spark is eternal. As such there is no need to undergo an NDE aka soul retuning to align with such glory, all that is needed is to be still and know God. For we are all dear soul suffer on the journey of soul and frequently lose all sense of communion with the divine. Still it remains sobering to note that the tick tock of suffering whilst horrendous and frequently unbearable and seemingly without end. Will end rest assured, for; so the sacred journey of soul is dear soul. Therein pray daily; “O God I love you my Lord, you are divine, I beseech you, render love my Lord to be the measure of my eternal glow. So to become Christ Energy and illumination in all. So to serve and to uphold the beacon of light that is; Love, for you my God are love and wholeness.” ~ Namaste. For; “God promises that our suffering will not be forever. He will wipe every tear in the coming eternity. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” ~ Revelation 21:4 KJV. That is what NDE’s liberate, the knowing that; mortality is transient. Therein; how would any mortal know that they’ve truly intergrated the mystical grace of their very own near death experience? Well they will know that they have been transformed compassionately. Through the embodiment of a compassion that is divine and not egocentric. For they now live between heaven and hell. Where heaven is home and hell is mortal suffering. All of which is designed with love by the divine. A melting pot of expansive and contraction through which all imperfections are rigorously purified. Creating change. For nothing can ever be the same after each stage of the great liberation is completed. Consternation, alienation and the desire for false self annihilation are all very normal as is love of God and inner God presence. And all will pass, all will flow when you invite love into your soul. So go ahead dear soul, you are safe in letting go of all the; shame, grief, anger, fear and rejection that has transfixed you. For; shame, grief, anger, fear and rejection are all inculcated constructs of the mental body and perishable in terms of the soul. So let them all go. Let them go by sitting with them and acknowledging them one and all every time they arise. For they are simply beams of light blocked by the shadows of delusion that are dissolved when the light is brought into every present moment. So allow your inner radiance to shine and glow in all that you are and all that you do. For that is what the NDE really shows the lucky ones who pop back for a retuning. That they are light, all is light, that they are love, all is love. That they as in you dear soul are beautiful, lovable and eternal. That is the pure sacred journey of soul. Loving, forgiving and seeking forgiveness.

Above all things:- know that there is no final destination on the great and sacred journey of soul. Heaven is not a place to get to or move into. You are heaven right now in this now. Equally there is no state of illumination to be achieved, you are pure illumination and will always be so. Your loving work is to dissolve all constructed illusions. For there is no tomorrow, no yesterday dear soul. You are eternal and “no-thing” and “everything”. Therein; walk away from any and all mortal constructs that bind you to destination consciousness dear soul by inviting everything to dance the dance of light deep within. For the dance of light is the only vibration that understands that the suffering is where the wisdom is, where the knowing is and where love truly is too. That is the sacred journey of soul where the mental body is stilled and the eternal emotional body inteligence is energised with the love of God. For; when you change your inner world your outer world changes too, that’s because the great body of works are conducted on the inner plane of soul. Therein; don’t ever resist the discomfort that you will feel on your journey. Allow it, all of it and come to know again the divinity within that cannot die. You are eternal dear soul and there’s no getting away from that. So let go of mammon and you will surely draw the loving grace of God, towards you. Then and only then can you begin to process the unresolved; hate, anger, shame, guilt and abuse that is crying out to be love. Yes anxiety will rise, yes depression will rise and all manner of monsters of emotional, mental and physical origin. But hang in there, do the work and know that; “this too shall pass” and pray dear soul with all of your being for balance, love and grace. For you’re worth much more than you currently know. So manifest it. By coming to know and embracing the fact that none of the crap that was imprinted upon you from the soul group you incarnated into was a punishment. At worst it was the dissonance that needed to be resolved on the soul plane and at best it was the diamonds that helped you see the light. So turn your gaze away from all that is illusion and commit to loving action. For your actions not the actions of others are the only energy patterns that you possess. So put your actions into loving all, for in loving and serving and coming to know the sacred journey. Your soul will find the; peace and balance of God. For long after you are no more little mortal the waters they will still flow, the winds they will still blow, the fires they will burn and the earth she will yearn for balance, for all balance is in love. That dear soul is the timeless call, the mystical, ineffable and omnipotent call of loves eternal balance. For the language of love, indeed the source of love is love. For love cannot be found in books et al. Therein; your journey dear soul is to set your love free through service and daily prayer. For there is only one way to ascend mount carmel and that is to surrender to the divine will of god, through alignment with; “breathe on me, breath of God: fill me with life anew, that I may love as you have loved and do as you would do. Breathe on me, breath of God, until my heart is pure, until my will is one with your to do and to endure. Breathe on me, breath of God; fulfil my heart’s desire, until this earthly part of me glows with your heavenly fire. Breathe on me, breath of God; so shall I never die, but live with you the perfect life of your eternity.” ~ Edwin Hatch. For when those deep inner desires are all that you are, then and only then will you know dear soul, that all sacred journeys are divine mystical unions.

Five great books:- that can help with this journey are; The Presence Process by Michael Brown, The Healing Code and The Love Code by Dr Alexander Loyd and Heaven is Beautiful by Rev Peter Panagore. For the presence process will certainly help with the integration of inner child work, the healing and love code will certainly help with emotional and karmic blocks and heaven is beautiful will certainly help with your understandings of your NDE(s). You see; no mortal needs to literally die to know who they are and yet sadly far to many do. For the inculcations and abuse of childhood lead many into self-harm on the great and sacred journey of soul. Where chaos is continually manifested, as is illness and disability in many forms and where addictions play their torrid role in lowering the brow, closing the heart centre and increasing inner desolation. Look, look to the great saints and the great masters and you will always find the foundations of inner peace built upon great suffering. But suffering without knowing is simply distorted energy and that distorted energy does not liberate or heal the soul. For the great and sacred journey of soul is the ultimate process of resolution and transformation through action and it must be done in the now. For projections of better life times yet to come is simply the trap door into eternal transfixation. Which has been used for centuries now by those who choose not to engage with the timeless knowings and those who wish to create entrapment of others. Therein; do not die literally dear mortal to come to know who you are, die to your false-self, die to your inculcations. Yes NDE’s can step in to help some souls on the great journey and a wonderful and uplifting example of this is “Dying To Be Me” By Anita Moorjani which is an incredibly insightful journey through illness, death and the near death experience. Still and I repeat you do not need to literally die to know who you are when you engage with the journey and that dear soul is the reason for the great sacred journey. To become a child of God again, for; that is heaven.

Soul Note Caveat:- feed not, nor hold onto any anger towards those in this your current incarnation who chose to hate you, abuse you or who sort to destroy you. For the journey of soul is far too complex for such one dimensional thinking. For in truth God alone knows how things were and are meant to be. Therein and for a soul, forgiveness is a given, but forgetting is not, for all is the great work, the love in karma is balance. For we choose to love through soul inclination, not the conditioning of birth family inculcation et al. Thats why;  “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you” is soulful. Therein to forgive our own flaws and the hurtful flaws of others on the journey along the narrow path towards the narrow gate. For love and love alone is the great redeemer. Not hate, money or power and control over others. For they are all finite. Whereas love and soul are eternal, which NDE’s prove. For there is only one law in the universe and that law is the law of love, i.e. what you sow, so shall you reap, all other laws are simply consequences. Therein; the great sacred journey of soul is to return to love, to be love and to allow love to be the measure of our soul. So be love anam cara, be love. For there are no rules or restrictions in love’s unbridled totality, for love is peace, love is balance and love is everything there is to be. “So embrace the love dear soul, open your heart and walk as you will with no fear only love and your path will always be lit, light and illuminating.” ~ Soul Mysteries. “For when we as mortals bridge the gap between the false self and divinity et al., then and only then does the sacred journey unfold in sublime majesty. And that is the very point where the whispers of the soul, transform the mortal into the soul whisperer and love of love begets more love. For there are better ways to live than mammon and better ways to die than the long death of fear, for the art of living and dying well is the artistry of soul love. Indeed that state of union where at each moment ones soul surrenders to the divine, for to live well is to die well and to be; pure love again.” ~ Soul Mysteries

For only when the:- fires of love burn deeply within ones entire being does one truly know the grace of god that is resplendent peace. Indeed a state where the boundaries of illusion no longer contain for ones soul has been set free through the suffering that is complete annihilation. An easy journey? No, far from it, but a scared journey that all souls must make one day great soul. For that is the way of the light, that leads all souls back to innate love. That said; if you’d like to contact soul mysteries, anam cara, please use the contact form below, worry not if theres no reply, for soul work will always unfold. For the waters they will continue to flow, the winds they will continue to blow, the fires they will burn and logos earth will always yearn for; wholeness. That is the sacred journey of soul that transcends and ascends all things and everything, for the pursuit of “no-thingness” is pure soul love. For the sacred journey offers not celebrity, status or financial wealth dear soul. It is the pursuit of the great love that is abundance of ineffable magnitude and why? Because mortals are infantile, fragile and ultimately finite. Whereas each soul knows God innately and mortalities sure memento mori. For; “Truth sees God, and wisdom contemplates God, and from these two comes a third, a holy and wonderful delight in God, who is love, for; Our Savior is our true Mother in whom we are endlessly born and out of whom we shall never come.” ~ Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love. That is precisely why an evolving soul chooses to serve, for to take, to exploit and to crave adulation and recognition is not the sacred journey. For the latter is simply the delusional trappings of the finite with no eye for the infinite of eternity. Therein; choose wisely dear soul, choose your teachers, your companions and all your evolving approaches wisely and you will be at ease and free from dis-ease, for you will be; love and everything and anything.

If one word, one sentence, one story or one link on this blog, changes your soul journey for the better. Then; this journey of soul has been benedictus!