☉ Life Teaching – Embracing Death’s Illusion

Each and Everyday Allow Love to be The Meaure of Your Soul The sun had risen earlier and it was a glorious summers day and nature in all its majesty was in its ever present, ever changing exuberance. Such is the way of natural order. Yet there was a melancholy and a deep longing amidst … More ☉ Life Teaching – Embracing Death’s Illusion

Teacher (5) – Soul Readying is The Journey

Only When The Student is Truly Ready, Can The Real Teaching and Learning Begin

[caption id="attachment_12004" align="alignright" width="160"]All Light is Within Diligence is not Readiness[/caption]

A wiseman sat as he frequently does sipping his rose branch tea, whilst all the while observing the endless unfoldings of the cosmos deep within him. Hour after hour the wiseman is known to sit in this undertaking and not a word does he utter to anyone. In fact it has been known for the wiseman to sit for several days in this state before returning to continue his work as guide and teacher. Indeed such is the reverence in which the wiseman is held that many students from far and wide seek him out for all manner of matters relating to their own spiritual guidance and inner healing. Yet whilst many have sort the wiseman out, few have ever stayed the course of the journey. For the journey into much greater understanding is a most difficult undertaking. Nevertheless one student appeared to be up for that journey and each day he would pay his respects and listen and observe the wiseman and his teachings. Day after day, year after year the student remained dutiful to observing and listening to the wiseman. Until one day after many days of waiting for the wiseman to return from his cosmic wandering he nervously approached the wiseman and asked; “wiseman please allow me to accompany you on your next journey”. The wiseman looked upon the student and said; “and so you shall, come walk with me tomorrow”. The student in that moment of unimaginable exuberance bowed to the wiseman and retreated back to his station. For the prospect of accompanying the wiseman into his inner cosmos was something he had never dared to believe could happen. That night the students thoughts raced and raced with eager anticipation of what he might see, of what he might experience and of where he and the wiseman may travel to in his cosmos. … More Teacher (5) – Soul Readying is The Journey